About the Foundation

Created by Galp in January 2009, the Galp Foundation is a private non-profit Public Utility entity, with the objective of deepening and promoting the Group's intervention in areas such as citizenship and Social Responsibility.

Principles and mission

The Foundation was founded by the following companies:

  • Galp Energia S.G.P.S., S.A.
  • Galp Exploração e Produção Petrolífera, S.A.
  • Petróleos de Portugal - Petrogal, S.A.
  • Galp Gás Natural, S.A.
  • Galp Power, S.A.
  • Galp Energia, S.A

The Foundation's mission is to serve the community and its sustainable development. For this, it is guided by criteria of equity, rationality and operational effectiveness in the application of the means that the Founding Group places at its disposal, seeking to be an active agent and, simultaneously, to have a close link with the community.

The Foundation intervenes in several areas, namely Social Development, Energy and Environment, Education and Culture, with the goal of fulfilling its commitments in social intervention and supporting the development of the Galp Group, and is present on two continents.

The Foundation around the world

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