Assisted Service

More autonomy for disabled customers and drivers of adapted vehicles.

How does it work?

  1. Go to one of the participating stations;
  2. Park next to the fuel pump identified as being equipped with the device and press the remote control device;
  3. Inside the store, the Galp operator sees and hears signals that indicate your presence;
  4. The operator will walk to you to help fill the tank or make other purchases.
  5. Pay for your purchases and fuel directly to the operator, in cash.
This video stars Susana Barroso, a former Paralympic athlete and multi-medallist who represented Portugal at the Paralympic Games from 1992 to 2012.

Sign up

Fill out the form to join the Assisted Service and start using it.

Five days after sending this request, you can go to the station of your choice, in the vehicle for which the registration plate was indicated, to collect the remote control.

The device will be kept at the station for 1 month. If you do not collect it within this period, you can submit a new application using the form.

Terms and Conditions

This service is available at 68 Galp stations. See the geographical distribution list of stations offering this service.

The customer must use a petrol station identified with the "Assisted Pump" sign and press the remote control, which will trigger a sound and light signal through a receiver located near the operator inside the store. The operator, through the station’s intercommunication sound system, will acknowledge the customer’s request and ask that they wait for the operator to make their way to the pump.

To receive the remote control device, which is intended exclusively for persons of reduced mobility, simply complete the form indicating the registration plate of the adapted vehicle that you drive and the station that you would like to collect the device from. After submitting the request you must wait 5 working days before going to the station, in the adapted vehicle for which the registration plate was provided. The remote control will be kept at the station for 1 month If you do not collect the device within this time you must submit a new request.

The remote controls come with batteries, pre-programmed and ready for use.

The helpline 707 504 257 is available during the week between 9am and 8pm. You can also send any questions to the email: and fax: 21 005 87 17.

Payment must be made with cash.

The assisted service is available at the 76 above-mentioned stations between 8AM and 11PM.

The pumps at which the service is available are identified with the respective sign.

This service was designed to promote the autonomy and quality of service to customers with physical limitations, not only at petrol stations but also in Auto services and Service Area stores.