Global Teacher Prize

2nd Edition

Global Teacher Prize

Considered the Nobel Prize of Education, Global Teacher Prize is a Project that rewards teachers with excellent works in the educational field. In Portugal, the competition is in its 2nd edition with the support of Galp Foundation which will once more distinguish the greatest teacher of the year with 30 thousand euros.

Galp Foundation believes that to invest in the educational field means to invest in a growing sustainable future. Thus, one way to accomplish that goal is to value the role that teachers represent in our society because they are the ones with the mission to transform and impact young people’s lives and future.

Being education one of the main strategic pillars in Galp’s and its Foundation’s sustainability strategy, we have embraced this partnership with Global Teacher Prize from day one. The first Portuguese edition took place last year and demonstrated that Portuguese people embrace this type of projects and attribute great value to the educational ecosystem.

In the last edition, the project encompassed:

- The participation of 450 schools

- The development of 30 educational projects  

- The subscription of 110 teachers  

- The winner of the Portuguese 1st edition is in the international competition finalists 

Global Teacher Prize is aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals set by United Nations

Being a Teacher: More than a profession, a mission  

According to a Varkey GEMS Foundation research, Portugal is in the 14º place out of a total of 21 countries, on a ranking that evaluates teacher’s social status. Even so, Portuguese teachers obtain better results than its peers in countries such as Switzerland, Germany or Italy.

Importance Index

For the Portuguese, however, teachers are amongst the three more trusted professional groups, right next to doctors and firefighters.

According to a GFK study regarding the first edition of Global Teacher Prize, 91% of the respondents claimed that teachers were an important part of their academic path and 86% recognized teachers’ importance in their lives in general. However, 89% considers it a consuming profession and almost 70% of the parents discourage their children to follow the professional career path of a teacher. 92% consider that what makes a good teacher is its ability to motivate its students.

Galp Foundation considers essential to invest in initiatives that contribute to the recognition of a profession that is responsible for creating a more sustainable future.

It is crucial for Portugal to place this topic in the present agenda to create awareness around it, and involve the community in its importance for the country’s future. Global Teacher Prize contributes in a sustainable way for that agenda, by promoting the teaching quality and the future of our younger generations.

Sources: Global Teacher Prize Portugal/GFK-2018, PORDATA e Varkey GEMS Foundation