The future is in your energy

From community to community, Future Up is an Educational Social Movement that relies on the action of children and young people, teachers, volunteers and partners, to bring real positive impact to society. We challenge everyone who wants to be part of the change to learn, to act, to teach and to participate actively in issues concerning sustainability, energy and the planet, bringing new ideas, new solutions and a new future ahead. In this year's edition, the Future Up educational project is funded under the measures of the Plan for Promoting Efficiency in Energy Consumption (PPEC), a support and development instrument for energy efficiency projects, approved by ERSE, conceived within the scope of economic regulation and that the law accepted and consecrated as a public policy measure, with the aim of promoting efficiency in the consumption of electricity and natural gas.

What we've already done

I want to act, I want to teach, I want to participate

If the future is shaped in the present, then let's get to work.

Future Up has been present in Portuguese schools, from elementary to high school, every year since 2010, challenging students and teachers to join. It kicks off in September, at the beginning of the school year, and 29th May, energy day is the date when the ideas and projects of those who decided to act will start being acknowledged.

With the help of our volunteers, we take lessons on energy and sustainability to students from elementary to high school in Portugal.

Students are encouraged to develop projects and solutions based on the subjects of their classes and the programme: raise the awareness of the school community to behavioural changes through education and knowledge, based on the topics of sustainability: energy sources, sustainable mobility and ecological footprint, and professions linked to energy.

They can apply in three categories, based on the Sustainable Development Goals:

  • Energy and Sustainable Consumption: SDG 7, 12 and 13;
  • Marine Life Protection: SDG 14;
  • Digital Transformation, for any of the 17 SDGs.


This is a programme developed in Portugal, therefore, the contents developed are all in the portuguese language. These contents and activities are based on all the topics covered by our energy classes with the young people and in tune with our areas of development, such as sustainability of the planet, renewable sources of energy, sustainable consumption, and our energy footprint.



Our partners


Our projects were acknowledged in 2016 at the Energy Globe Awards. This is the most prestigious environmental award and distinguishes regional, national and global projects that are dedicated to the preservation of resources or use renewable or emission-free sources.



For any question about the Educational Movement Galp, you can contact the team of our Pedagogical Service through the email or by contacting +351 213 153 066.