4/5/2018 | Energy and Environment

Pinhal de Leiria receives 113 thousand trees from the Terra de Esperança Movement (TEM)

13 thousand pine trees planted over 10 hectares and 100 thousand additional trees donated to Pinhal de Leiria by the Galp Foundation and ANEFA for planting at a later date. Last volunteering action of the forest-planting season mobilises more than 500 people

During the first six months of the TEM, more than 1,500 volunteers were mobilised and have so far planted 53,700 oak, chestnut, cork, pine, arbutus, ash and other native species.

Initiatives since November have planted land in Arganil, Mangualde, Vila Nova da Barquinha, Pedrogão Grande, Torres Vedras and Marinha Grande, among others.

The Terra de Esperança (TEM) movement has mobilised more than 500 volunteers for a 10-hectare reforestation project in the Pinhal de Leiria region, where 80% of the terrain was devastated by last year's fires. By the end of the day, this land will be planted with 13,000 pine trees.

In addition to today's initiative, which closes the reforestation season, the Galp Foundation and the National Association of Forestry and Environment Companies (ANEFA) donated 100,000 additional trees to the Leiria Pine Forest for planting at a later date.

The 10 hectares now reforested belong to a 35-hectare site whose recuperation was taken on by Galp.

This volunteering action carried out by Galp's employees, family members, friends and partners, took place at Aldeia de Pilado (Marinha Grande) and, like previous actions, gives preference to native tree species, in this case the pines.

"The extent of last year's tragedy required a more constructive commitment to land rehabilitation, but above all to the hope of those who live on it," says Joana Garoupa, Director of Galp Marketing and Communication. "The mobilisation of such a large number of volunteers shows that they can count on us."

Since starting in November, and after today’s action, the TEM will have reforested 65 hectares in the counties of Arganil, Mangualde, Vila Nova da Barquinha, Pedrogão Grande, Arganil and Torres Vedras. The total number of trees planted already exceeds 53 thousand. The species planted included oak, chestnut, wild pine, meadow pine, cork oaks, ash, alders, plantains, hollyhocks, arbutus, and birch trees.