3/7/2016 | Social Development

Galp Energia Foundation develops Galp Solidária Foundation collective protocol

Committed to its social mission, the Galp Energia Foundation has developed since the end of 2015 a collective and specific project to respond to situations of Social Emergency, committed to the fight against poverty, social exclusion and inequality, supporting groups of citizens at risk - Protocol Galp Solidária Foundation.

This initiative was developed over two projects according to the geographical location of the beneficiary institutions: Galp Solidária Foundation North and Galp Solidária Foundation South, which is an ongoing social support partnership in aid of the most disadvantaged and vulnerable groups in society, seeking to contribute towards the sustainable development of community.

Throughout 2016, the Galp Energia Foundation will continue to accompany and participate in the work carried out by twelve social institutions whose missions are to help and support the most deprived cases in society and which include, among others, situations of profound deficiency, abandonment, extreme poverty, disease and loneliness.