1/10/2019 | Culture and Education

UP 2019 Educational Projects Educate for the Future

Galp and its Foundation initiative: UP Educational Projects started on the 23rd of January with a debriefing session for volunteers

The UP 2019 Projects started on Wednesday the 23rd of January where GALP employees received the challenge to be teachers for a day. By raising awareness for the Sustainable Development Objectives (SDO), UP Projects challenge students to come up with solutions for local problems regarding topics such as energy transition, the ecological footprint or the sustainable consumption of energy and natural resources.

Over the last 8 years our educational projects have reached around 1.5 million students and 120 thousand teachers, from year 1 to 12 (6-18 years old), and we have taught over 3,500 energy classes.

Over 1400 schools have now signed up for the programme. In the final event of the competition, the Energy Bootcamp, 5 finalists will be selected to present their projects chosen by a panel of judges. The prize money ranges from one and seven thousand Euros to implement the project.  

UP Educational Projects are run in partnership with the following entities: