7/26/2019 | Culture and Education

Give your energy for the Planet in Sines

Galp Foundation brings the topics of energy and sustainable consumption to the Músicas do Mundo Festival

“I believe all the small things you mentioned can amount to a big difference for the planet”. That was the statement that closed the first of three afternoons spent at Pátio das Artes, a place for initiatives alongside the concerts of the Músicas do Mundo Festival, in Sines. The first lesson, led by volunteers Nuno Oliveira and Nelson Lopes Branco, took place on 22nd July and gathered volunteers, children and teachers for three afternoons where energy and sustainability were the key topics.

In addition to the artistic initiatives, which included dancing, music and artistic body expression classes, the Galp Foundation was present with the same energy classes they bring to schools during the school year. The questions and answers addressed topics such as the energy transition, education and knowledge, sustainable development of the communities and how each of us can make a difference in the Planet’s future.

Sandra Dias and Miguel Delgado took over the second afternoon of activities and shared “alternatives to plastic to use in our homes”. From bamboo to metal, Sandra Dias showed the children the objects she brought on her backpack. Daisy Geraldes and Ana Batista closed the third day of activities with a different class. Accompanied by “Laranjinha”, a mascot brought along by the volunteers, the children joined a guessing game with questions related to the Sustainable Development Goals, which they answered almost in one voice.

Amidst photographs and gift reusable bottles and bags, the children could not leave Pátio das Artes without one last commitment: to give their energy for the planet, every day. The Galp Educational Projects kick off again in September, under the motto “Give your energy for the Planet” and count on the energy of all volunteers for another year of sustainability projects to present at the Energy Bootcamp, in 2020.