Social Development

In partnership with Social Economy, Non-Governmental Development Organisations and Social Solidarity Institutions, Galp Foundation develops projects that strive for the social development of the communities based on their socio-economic context and the Sustainable Development Objectives.

Galp Foundation Solidarity

Galp Foundation Solidarity is an initiative created with the aim of supporting Social Solidarity Institutions and Civil Society Organisations that contribute to social causes and tackle social emergency situations. The Foundation establishes partnerships in the North and South of the country with 12 institutions dedicated to causes such as the fight against poverty, social exclusion and inequality and supporting groups of at-risk citizens.

GALP Mentoring Programme - Promoting School Success

The GALP Mentoring Programme is a partnership between the Galp Foundation and the EPIS - (Entrepreneurs for Social Inclusion) Association, which aims at development in the field of education, combating school failure among young people.

Partnership Project with Bagos d'Ouro Association

Change the narrative of the children of Douro

About a quarter of the Portuguese population, 23%, are at risk of poverty or exclusion, those most affected are single-parent families and those with three or more dependent children. The Northern Region is one of the regions with the highest poverty rate in the country and in Europe, particularly in the communities located in the Douro. (*Sources: Eurostat, 2015 and 2017)

Promoting education is one of the most valid ways to reverse the cycle of social exclusion. This is a cause that Galp Foundation and the Bagos d'Ouro Association share.

The partnership with Galp Foundation enables 145 children and young people to be monitored and receive school support and for their accomplishments to be recognised, by awarding them with social grants. This seeks to ensure that young people oppose their fate and build a path to success. 

Bagos d'Ouro currently operates in 6 municipalities of the Douro region and impacts the lives of more than 70 families, totalling to around 300 people.


An initiative promoted by the Galp Foundation with the aim of highlighting and disseminating, on its website and to the universe of Galp employees, the work developed and ways to help third sector entities, selected from the applications received monthly.

The Entity of the Month was an initiative that took place between April 2011 and June 2013 and covered 35 entities.

The Galp Foundation, in partnership with Retail Marketing of the Gas & Power - Galp Business Unit, within the framework of Galp Comfort services, has gradually been developing the Solidarity Energy initiative.

The performance of the Portuguese Paralympic team has been a strong contribution towards attract public attention to the reality of the adapted sports in Portugal, not only for the achievements attained, but above all for the great needs and difficulties it faces.

The support of the Galp Foundation to the Paralympic Committee of Portugal, materialised through a 4-year protocol (2009 to 2012), had the objective of mobilising society to support and recognise the Paralympic Movement, promoting new modalities, new practitioners and provide Paralympic athletes with the means and conditions they need to prepare for their sports.

Supporting "Raríssimas" - National Association of Mental and Rare Disabilities – between 2009 and 2011, in the construction of the "Casa dos Marcos".

This venue aims to become a Centre for Competence / Reference in the clinical, social and educational fields of Rare Diseases, with occupational activities for youths / adults and a help line for family members and health technicians, 24 hours a day.

Between 2009 and 2011, the Galp Foundation was Golden Patron of the 100 Patrons United for Diabetes campaign, developed by the Ernesto Roma Foundation and the Diabetic Protective Association of Portugal. The goal was to bring the Ernesto Roma Diabetes School to fruition, which is dedicated to the training of health professionals and patients, so that they can deal with Diabetes and the ways of treating this chronic disease in their daily lives.

The Galp Foundation promoted the "Street Shoe-Shiners" initiative, an initiative by the "CAIS" association to combat poverty and social exclusion within the framework of the "Empower Today" project.

The mission of CAIS is to contribute to improving the living conditions of homeless people and those who are not homeless but are deprived, excluded or at risk. Founded in 1994, it operates mainly in the districts of Lisbon and Porto, although it has collaborations with institutions throughout the country.

Its activity began with the launch of a magazine sold by homeless people, with 70% of the sales reverting back to the sellers.

Every Wednesday morning during the month of May in 2011, Mr. Sérgio Pimentel was at the main entrance of Tower A, in Lisbon, providing his services as a shoe-shiner, and new dates for this initiative are already planned. The fee for this service was donated entirely to Mr Sérgio Pimentel.

In 2011 the Galp Foundation backed the Heart Challenge, an initiative by the Portuguese Foundation of Cardiology to promote a healthy lifestyle.

The Heart Challenge took place at Lisbon’s University Stadium from May 12 to 14, from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm. It comprised of a guided tour during which participants could stop at various stations promoting the practice of healthy lifestyles.

During the course, the main risk factors to health, such as blood pressure, total cholesterol level, body mass index and abdominal circumference, among other parameters, were evaluated.

The Galp Energia Foundation lent its support to this event by helping with its promotion and presenting participants with various gifts.