COVID-19 - Help mesures

Together we reach those who need our help the most. 

These times we’re living reminds us that we always need each other, and that all mutual help is needed. The Galp Foundation and the Galp Group have joined together in response to the fight against COVID-19 and have implemented a set of initiatives that are designed to support those who need it most.

We joined the National Health Service and INEM

It is the health and well-being of people that moves us in such a moment in time. We have joined forces with the group companies and, together, we delivered 29 ventilators to hospitals of the National Health Service (SNS). These are medical equipment is scarce in Portuguese hospitals and can make all the difference for the performance of health professionals, who are in the field every day in the fight against the pandemic.

Another measure taken within the pack was the offering of fuel in the amount of 150 thousand euros to the National Institute of Medical Emergency (INEM), which in addition to providing a quick response to this increase in missions resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic, continues to ensure daily the functioning of essential services to the population.

We support IPSS with our energy

Because we know that IPSS (Private Institutions of Social Solidarity) have a great responsibility towards the communities, especially in times as challenging as the one we are facing, we unite to jointly support a month of electricity and natural gas consumption to more than 500 IPSS. We believe that with this support it will be possible to these organizations to focus more on what really matters at this moment, people.

We all have a voice, we can all help.

Life and Peace Community

The situation in which we are living is being particularly difficult for a part of the population that is more vulnerable and whose social and health conditions are even more fragile now. The current State of Emergency and imposed rules are conditioning the response of associations such as the Vida e Paz Community to support these people. In order to facilitate their work with communities, the Galp Foundation and the Galp Group join forces to support with fuel and human hand all people who remain close to those who need it most. Join us!

Think outside the box without leaving your home.

Transformers Movement

Even in quarantine times, we all have our superpower! It’s due to the belief that we all have the power of change in us that we support the Transformers Movement's digital talks and workshops, a national volunteer movement that brings us the inspiration to be whoever we want, even in times of adversity.

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