Education and Knowledge

We promote the access to inclusive quality education, entrepreneurism and social innovation. Instilling a change in the behaviour of young people and the communities by acknowledging the merit of students and teachers.

Education Projects are essentially about promoting learning opportunities for all. It is with the mission of raising awareness and making the entire community responsible for the importance of education and citizenship that we promote and implement such initiatives.

The focus of the developed projects is based on the challenges of sustainability, posed by the necessity of preservation of our Planet, where it is intended to recognize the merit, of students and teachers, entrepreneurship and innovation.

Galp Educational Movement

Future Up 
The future is in your energy

The Galp Social Educational Movement challenges students and teachers to present sustainable solutions for the problems they find in their communities. In partnership with Apps for Good and Junior Achievment Portugal, it raises awareness for topics based on the Sustainability of the Planet and the Sustainable Development Goals, and grants the opportunity for the teams to present their projects and see their work funded.

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Global Teacher Prize

Considered by many to be the Nobel Prize for Teaching, the Global Teacher Prize is an initiative that rewards teachers for excellence in education. In Portugal the competition is now going in its third edition with the support of the Galp Foundation and will once again distinguish the Portuguese teacher who is elected as the best of the year with a prize of 30 thousand euros.

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Educate for the Future

Educate for the Future is a Galp Foundation initiative, in partnership with Helpo, which supports the development of education projects in Portugal, Mozambique, São Tomé and Príncipe and Guinea Bissau.

Helpo is an NGDO - Non-Governmental Development Organisation, which has been active since 2008 in the fields of education and nutrition, providing support to the most vulnerable populations in countries with low human development index.


GALP Mentors Programme

The GALP Mentors Programme is a partnership between Galp Foundation and the EPIS Association - Entrepreneurs for Social Inclusion. The purpose of the programme is to support social inclusion projects through explanations and mentoring for students with difficult socio-economic backgrounds, providing on-going school support throughout the school year, and offering curricular placements for students of technical-professional courses.

Partnership with Bagos d’Ouro Association

About a quarter of the Portuguese population, 23%, are at risk of poverty or exclusion, those most affected are single-parent families and those with three or more dependent children. The Northern Region is one of the regions with the highest poverty rate in the country and in Europe, particularly in the communities located in the Douro. (*Sources: Eurostat, 2015 and 2017).

Promoting education is one of the most valid ways to reverse the cycle of social exclusion, a cause we share with Bagos d'Ouro Association share.

The partnership enables 145 children and young people to be monitored and receive school support and for their accomplishments to be recognised, by awarding them with social grants. This seeks to ensure that young people oppose their fate and build a path to success.

Festival Tremor

The Deaf Association of the Island of São Miguel and Rabo de Peixe’s Music School played together in a unique opening concert of the 6th edition of the Tremor Festival, a partnership with Galp Azores to pormote social inclusion through music.

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