EPIS Social Scholarships

Every year, the Galp Foundation and EPIS award 40 scholarships to meritorious students living in Alcoutim, Matosinhos, Odemira, Ourique, Santiago do Cacém, Setúbal and Sines.

We believe in the transformative power of education

The Galp Foundation has been a partner of the EPIS (Entrepreneurs for Social Inclusion) Social Scholarship Programme since 2014, and has been its largest social investor since 2022.

Education is a catalyst for knowledge, equal opportunities and social and economic development. It therefore contributes to a more prosperous, fairer and more dignified society.

Through this programme, we are investing in the higher qualifications of young people in Portugal, focusing on the communities where Galp's key energy ecosystem projects are located. The bachelor's and master's scholarships funded by the Galp Foundation are aimed primarily at students living in these communities.

In these communities, we want to contribute to:

  • Democratising access to education and equal opportunities, bringing to university benches those who, for whatever reason (social, economic or even physical), have remained on the margins
  • Combat school failure and dropout, relieving the economic pressure on families
  • Boosting the progress of qualifications

2023/24 Edition (Applications closed)

For the second year running, the Galp Foundation has awarded 40 social scholarships for academic merit to students who successfully completed their 12th grade or bachelor's degree in 2022/23 and started a new cycle of studies - bachelor's or master's degree, respectively - in 2023/24.

These scholarships are part of the EPIS Social Scholarship Programme and correspond to undergraduate scholarships worth €2,550 (3 years) and master's scholarships worth €2,000 (2 years).

Category 16, promoted by the Galp Foundation, honoured students living in the communities where several key projects in Galp's energy ecosystem are located:

  • In the area of renewables, such as Alcoutim, Odemira and Ourique, which are hosting solar energy projects
  • In the area of new value chains, as is the case in Setúbal, with the installation of a lithium conversion unit for batteries
  • Municipalities with a strong and historic Galp presence, such as Sines and Matosinhos, where transformation and reconversion processes are underway that will make these municipalities centres of reference in the areas of innovation and green energy

In the 2023/24 edition, the EPIS Social Scholarship Programme awarded 208 scholarships in 17 categories.