Galp Mentors Programme

The GALP Mentors Programme is a partnership project with EPIS Association - Entrepreneurs for Social Inclusion. The purpose of the programme is to support social inclusion projects through explanations and mentoring for students with difficult socio-economic backgrounds, providing on-going school support throughout the school year, and offering curricular placements for students of technical-professional courses. In addition to this programme, Galp Foundation awards two three-year scholarships to two students from the municipalities of Sines and Matosinhos.


Together with EPIS, the Mentors Program has allowed, since 2018:

  • Support for 66 students
  • Involvement of 136 volunteers
  • Donation of 11 social and merit-based scholarships



Our students

Every year we challenge Galp employees to embrace the project, becoming mentors for young people in the 8º and 9º grades, in the Lisbon region.This is a program that goes beyond the academic explanations of Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, English or Portuguese. Every year, students and mentors create a bond that impacts their lives. One of the last actions of the Program, and a need created by the pandemic context, was the offer of computers for students to easily follow the academic course and tutoring from home.

Mariana Duarte, 9th grade

"Thank you is the right word. Thank you for the tutoring, for the snacks, for your patience, for the transport provided, for the offer of a computer. Thank you for everything you have done for us, even in this situation where you continue to answer our questions and help us with our lessons. In my case, the computer helped a lot!"

Alexandra Duarte, 9th 

"Thank you for the kindness of having given us the computers. In certain jobs I miss a lot. It was also very important to offer to answer our questions. I speak not only for myself, but for all those in whom you make a difference. I managed to raise my grades with your help."




Tomás, 8th grade

“I appreciate this opportunity! With a computer, I feel I can fulfill my school objectives!”