Galp Mentors Programme

The GALP Mentors Programme is a partnership between Galp Foundation and the EPIS Association - Entrepreneurs for Social Inclusion. The purpose of the programme is to support social inclusion projects through explanations and mentoring for students with difficult socio-economic backgrounds, providing on-going school support throughout the school year, and offering curricular placements for students of technical-professional courses.

In addition to this programme, Galp Foundation awards two three-year scholarships to two students from the municipalities of Sines and Matosinhos.

Every year, around 40 Galp employees take up the challenge and embrace the project, becoming mentors for young people in the 3rd grade, in the Lisbon region.

Created in 2006 by Portuguese businessmen and managers, EPIS chooses to promote social inclusion through Education. It develops projects that aim to combat school failure and drop-outs, with a particular focus on training at-risk young people attending the 1st, 2nd and 3rd grade of school and spreading good management practices in schools.

In 2018/2019 our Mentors and EPIS facilitated the...

  • Support for 39 students
  • Involvement of 86 volunteers
  • Allocation of 8 internship grants
  • Donation of 4 social and merit-based scholarships