Inclusion through Music

Music is an essential driver for inclusion, transcending differences and connecting people of different backgrounds and abilities. It is a universal language that allows for individual expression and non-verbal communication, especially for those who have difficulty communicating verbally.

Music also breaks down barriers and unites communities around a common interest, celebrating diversity and providing emotional wellbeing. Through music, we can build a more inclusive society where everyone has the opportunity not only to express themselves, but also to connect and develop fully.

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Chiquinha Gonzaga Orchestra

The project provides high-quality musical training to hundreds of students in an inclusive way: opening up free opportunities for young talents from public education in low-income communities.

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Maré do Amanhã Orchestra

Project that teaches classical music to children and teenagers from one of the most violent favelas of Rio de Janeiro, the Complexo da Maré.

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Som Sim Zero

Artistic project of social inclusion that joins the Deaf Association of São Miguel Island and the Rabo de Peixe Music School, under the direction of the artistic collective Ondamarela.

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