Galp Foundation becomes partner of José Neves Foundation's ISA FJN scholarship programme

Three years after its launch, the José Neves Foundation's ISA FJN scholarship programme now has the Galp Foundation as its partner, with the aim of strengthening the programme's impact and offering more scholarships to Portuguese people who want to increase or retrain their skills.

The programme is aimed at both students and professionals who are in the labour market or unemployed. It is based on the income share agreement model, in which scholarship holders only repay their tuition fees when they start working and reach a predefined salary.

With this institutional partnership, the Galp Foundation and the José Neves Foundation are committed to maximising the effects of the ISA FJN programme in order to reach more and more beneficiaries throughout the country.

As a result of partnerships with 39 national educational institutions, the ISA FJN programme has 410 eligible courses and training courses at various educational institutions throughout the country (universities, polytechnics and various practical and intensive training schools).

In the words of Paula Amorim, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Galp and the Galp Foundation:

With this partnership, we reinforce the commitment of Galp and its Foundation to building a more prosperous, fair and inclusive society, where education and preparation for the labour market play a key role