The Energy of Alcoutim

Galp's largest solar plant in Portugal led the company and its Foundation to Alcoutim. We tried to get to know the context of this Algarve municipality, get closer to its people, and map the most relevant social partners at local level. Together, we began to design the projects that will give shape to the plan to get involved in this community: Energia de Alcoutim (The Energy of Alcoutim).

The Energy of Alcoutim

For us, the energy of Alcoutim lies in its people. These are the stories of some of them

In Alcoutim, action on our strategic axes - access to energy, access to education, and reducing inequalities - is complemented by the protection of biodiversity


We promote solar self-consumption

'Energising the local community of Alcoutim' is a solar energy self-consumption project with a social purpose.

By installing clean energy production units, in this case photovoltaic panels, we are creating a more sustainable community, reducing CO2 emissions and the energy bill of the social institutions that are part of the project. Launched in 2023, the project already includes the Association of Volunteer Firefighters, the retirement home and day care centre, and the 'A Joaninha' children's centre.

The Galp Foundation will continue to support the community with energy solutions, both for individual and collective self-consumption.


We bike for sustainable mobility

Sustainable mobility, social inclusion, and a strong sense of commitment to the Alcoutim community. This is how the 'Vilas em Movimento' project came about, a partnership with the Odiana Association and the Alcoutim municipality, which installed 14 shared electric bikes and four docking stations in key locations in the town.

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We support education and inclusion

With the EPIS - Empresários pela Inclusão Social association, we reward the academic merit of students from the municipality with university scholarships, helping to combat school drop-outs for economic reasons.

To promote energy literacy, we organise study visits to the Alcoutim solar plant, inviting young pupils to learn about the park and the various professions "behind" its construction and operation.

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We support our social partners

We prioritise support for locally relevant social partners. In this regard, we have established a partnership with the Odiana Association, which helps us implement the 'Vilas em Movimento' project and other Galp Foundation programmes in Alcoutim.

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We fight senior isolation

To mitigate the isolation of the senior population, and as part of the 'Vilas em Movimento' project, we support the Odiana Association in organising workshops, cultural visits, such as trips to the theatre or cinema, and intergenerational activities to reduce social and cultural barriers between different age groups.

In addition, we inaugurated the 'Espaço Mobilidade' which offers physiotherapy and physical exercise to the local population, and, with the support of the fire brigade, GNR, and health professionals, we carry out outreach activities to make older people aware of personal safety, among other topics.


We protect biodiversity

Protecting biodiversity is a priority. That's why we're implementing a Biodiversity Action Plan that includes fauna monitoring campaigns, the installation of nest boxes and hotels for insects and birds, and DNA testing of plants in the park.

We will soon start planting aromatic plants and installing three hives of honey bees. We also have a protocol with two local shepherds, who use the photovoltaic plants as grazing land for their flocks of sheep.