UP Educational Projects

Educate for the future

Education, citizenship and entrepreneurship are driving the development of a more sustainable, inclusive and collaborative society. It is with this conviction that Galp and its Foundation invest in the development of educational projects that aim to mobilise children, young people and the community, hoping to achieve the global goal of our planet's sustainability. 

The Galp Educational Projects

Intended for primary and secondary schools, aim to promote student involvement and their awareness of their attitudes towards and behaviour changes in favour of an improvement in sustainable consumption at school, at home and in the surrounding community.

In this school year 2018/2019, all schools that join the project will have access to contents and dynamics related to energy and sustainable consumption, framed by the overall concept of the Sustainable Development Objectives. The activities should be developed throughout the school year by teams of students - formed by the schools - with the monitoring and guidance of the teachers.

With the aim of promoting the acquisition of knowledge, the students are challenged to work on themes by project, which entails that all children and young people are be involved and play an active role in all phases of the project, as well as building skills, stimulating curiosity, promoting empirical knowledge and teamwork.

The Projects: Missão UP | Power UP | Switch UP

Missão UP

The Mission UP Project is aimed at students in the 1st grade of primary school, but also at their teachers, parents, and surrounding community.

Power UP

The Power UP Project is aimed at students in the 2nd and 3rd grades of Primary School, but also at their teachers, parents, and surrounding community.

Switch UP

The Switch UP project, aimed at Secondary Education (including vocational schools), is based on social entrepreneurship and the relationship between the Sustainable Development Objectives and the sustainable consumption of resources. It promotes the discussion of ideas, the team work, the creativity and the critical spirit.

Together We Build the Future 

Over the last eight school years in the community, Galp's Educational Projects have impacted more than 1 million students in Portuguese schools.

Project Impact


UP Educational Projects UP Educational Projects 2010/2011 2011/2012 2012/2013 2013/2014 2014/2015 2015/2016 2016/2017 2017/2018 2018/2019
Schools 1720 2320 1720 2.142 2.090 891 1.141 1.468 1.437
N.º of teachers 31.191 14.750 8.250 10.803 12.019 6.946 10.857 13.600 6.412
N.º of students 386.760 196.000 115.000 200.540 192.171 92.832 137.815 161.272 134.856
N.º of Energy Classes 200 200 831 779 591 438 403 507 312



Our projects were recognised in 2016 by the Energy Globe Awards. This is the most prestigious environmental award and recognises regional, national and global projects that are dedicated to the preservation of resources or use renewable or emission-free sources.


Questions about Galp Educational Projects, also can call +351 213153066.