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Rua Tomás da Fonseca, T.C. 15º piso
1600-209 Lisbon Portugal

(+351) 217 240 551

(+351) 217 242 976


Without compromising the use of the email address for other subjects and contacts, the Galp Foundation reserves the right to only analyse the requests and enquiries sent via the form made available for this purpose.


The Galp Foundation develops its own activities and establishes partnerships in projects in the fields of Energy and Environment, Education and Culture and Social Development.

If you want to establish a partnership with the Galp Foundation, we ask that you complete the form made available for this purpose. The reply will be sent by e-mail, taking into account that:

  • As a rule, only projects that fall within the above-listed fields of priority will be considered;
  • The Galp Foundation does not grant sponsorships;
  • Only projects from welfare institutions and other social economy entities, as well as non-profit entities that carry out activities in the above-listed fields, and public entities, will be considered for possible participation. If you are an individual, ask a welfare institution to submit the request;
  • Partnerships will not be established that include support for sports events, gastronomic events, travel, film / documentary production, festivals and seasonal markets, medieval fairs and festivals;
  • Only requests submitted by completing this form will be analysed;
  • Throughout this form there are mandatory fields, which are marked with an asterisk (*).
    • It will not be possible to submit it until all the required fields have been filled out;
    • If there is any field that does not apply, place n.a. or 0 if the field is alphanumeric.