Enabling access to renewable energy in rural areas of Mozambique for the first time

Mozambique has a population of about 29 million inhabitants and it is currently facing a challenge regarding access to energy. Almost 70% of the population live in rural areas and approximately 16 million Mozambicans have no access to electricity (Fonte: worldbank)

Galp Foundation launches the Energiza Project, which aims, for the first time, to install solar photovoltaic systems, enabling access to electricity in communities in the provinces of Cabo Delgado, Manica and Sofala. Not only will access to electricity become a reality in domestic homes, but other services that are essential to the functioning and social and economic development of communities will also be impacted positively.

This project is aligned with the following Sustainable Development Goals:

Impact of the project

  • Ensure electricity in 123 infrastructures (public lighting, schools, health units and domestic homes)
  • Benefit around 6,000 Mozambicans
  • Generate approximately 50 KWh of renewable energy (photovoltaic panels)
  • Reduce 54 tonnes of CO2
  • Invest €600 thousand (about 40 million meticais)

Energy Fund | FUNAE

Energiza is one of the Galp Foundation’s social responsibility projects that is being developed in partnership with FUNAE

FUNAE – ‘Fundo de Energia’ (Energy Fund) is a Mozambican public institution, active since 1997, which finances and implements energy projects with the aim of increasing access to energy in rural and urban areas inhabited by low income populations. Access to energy is provided in a sustainable and rational way so that it contributes to the country’s economic and social development. Activities in biomass projects, photovoltaic plants, mini-hydro plants, fuelling stations and water pumping systems are incorporated.