2/9/2018 | Culture and Education

Galp Foundation partners with the Global Teacher Prize Portugal

​The Galp Foundation is the main partner of the Global Teacher Prize in Portugal, a prize that aims to accelerate the process of valorising the teaching profession around the world, as a driving force for change and development.

Any Portuguese teacher, from pre-school through high school education, public or private, including special education, can apply for the annual prize of € 30,000 with a project or a pedagogical method of their own.

The Prize was announced on February 6 at a press conference at the Passos Manuel high school - the oldest in Portugal - in which the children were the journalists and was attended by the CEO of Galp. Carlos Gomes da Silva said at the ceremony that "education is central to Galp's sustainability strategy, so this partnership with the Global Teacher Prize Portugal is more than natural. We want to acknowledge Portuguese teachers for the fundamental role they play today in the future of our society and our country. Especially those who develop projects in technological areas with social impact."

In addition, the Galp Foundation recognises that issues of energy efficiency and technology are particularly relevant and, as an incentive to develop and disseminate educational projects in this area, especially to communities with greater social challenges, decided to award an honourable mention worth € 5,000 for the best project.

This award for teachers was born by initiative of the Varkey Foundation, a non-profit organisation whose mission is to improve education, to reinforce the importance of the teacher's role in children's development and society, to share success stories in responding to new needs, and to promote a fruitful debate on the future of education. The international prize, which awards the best teacher in the world with one million dollars, aims to become the Nobel Prize of Education.