Gallery of works of art

The promotion and conservation of historic and artistic heritage is one of the Galp Energia Foundation’s most important areas of intervention. The set of paintings, tapestries and other works presented here were donated to the Foundation by the Galp Energia group and represent a slice of its history, with pieces from Petrogal, the integration of Transgás and the acquisition of ESSO assets.


About the collection

The formation of this collection, although in a non-programmatic way, ended up gathering some of the most important moments of Portuguese Art of the XX century.

From the so-called modernists there are key works by Eduardo Viana and Dórdio Gomes. Works in which one observes the influence of Cézanne in a step back from the representation of the "real". Among the more decorative pieces ​​we find magnificent drawings by Jorge Barradas, representing the Four Seasons, commissioned by SACOR for its calendars, and several works on paper by Bernardo Marques and Milly Possoz, in a coherent set dating from the early 60's.

Landscape is very well represented in the fantastic oils of John Hogan. Landforms that portray rough landscapes void of human presence and which are a very personal landmark in the evolution of painting in Portugal.

Also depicting landscapes of Portugal, works by Carlos Botelho, Celestino Alves, Tomás de Melo and Artur Bual are showcased in this Gallery, bolstering the collection's selection of figurative pieces ​​in which the meaning of the painting is immediately evident to those who stand before it.

From the 60s and 70s, works by Eduardo Nery, Jorge Martins, António Palolo and Noronha da Costa are included. Here we start to see the "Pop" influence, which altered the perception of painting and accompanied, in due time, the years of breaking away that essentially took place in the United States, France and the United Kingdom.

Finally, the 80's are represented with works by Cruz Filipe, Manuel Cargaleiro, Ilda David and Rosa Carvalho. After the experimental movements that characterised the 1970s, the works here are an example of the so-called return to painting.

The Galp Energia Foundation thanks the special collaboration of José Manuel Saldanha Bento.