Global Teacher Prize

2nd Edition

Global Teacher Prize

The “Nobel Prize for Teaching” recognises the best teachers with a prize of 30 thousand Euros

Regarded by many as the “Nobel Prize for Teaching”, the Global Teacher Prize is an initiative that rewards teachers that display works of excellence in the field of education. In Portugal, supported by Galp Foundation, the project initiates its second edition and will once again recognise the Portuguese teacher who is chosen as the best teacher of the year, with a prize of 30 thousand Euros.

Galp Foundation believes that investing in education and bringing the issue to the agenda is investing in a more sustainable future. Therefore, GTP focuses attributing merit to the teachers in society, because it is due to them to transform and impact the lives of young people.

Since education is a central pillar in Galp and its Foundation’s sustainability strategy, we have embraced this partnership with the Global Teacher Prize from the very first moment. The first Portuguese edition, last year, demonstrated that Portuguese people adhere to projects that value the educational ecosystem.

Trusted Teachers / Teachers we can trust

Teachers are one of the most trusted professions that the Portuguese value.  
According to a study by the Varkey GEMS Foundation, Portugal ranks 14th out of 21 countries in a ranking that evaluates the social status of teachers.
Nevertheless, national teachers achieve better results than their counterparts in countries such as Switzerland, Germany, or Italy.

Teachers are placed among the three professions that the Portuguese trust the most, closely following doctors and firemen. According to a study by GfK on the first edition of the Global Teacher Prize, 91% of respondents stated that teachers were important to their school career and 86% acknowledged the importance teachers had in their lives overall. However, 89% of Portuguese people also admit that it is an exhausting profession and almost 70% of parents discourage their children from pursuing a teaching career. 92% of Portuguese people consider a good teacher to be one who can motivate their students.

Galp Foundation considers it essential to invest in initiatives that contribute to the appreciation and recognition of a profession that enriches the future generations and builds a more sustainable future. The Global Teacher Prize contributes to this goal and that is why it is included in the educational projects promoted by the Foundation.

You can follow the progress of the project through Galp Foudation´s and the Global Teacher Prize´s Facebook