Global Teacher Prize

Global Teacher Prize

Regarded by many as the “Nobel Prize for Teaching”, Global Teacher Prize is a project that rewards teachers for excellence in education. In Portugal the competition is on its 4th edition, with the support of Galp Foundation, and once again distinguishes the Portuguese teacher elected as the best of the year with a prize of 30 thousand euros.

Galp Foundation believes that investing in education and bringing the theme to the agenda is to invest in a more sustainable future. In this sense, one of the ways is to value the role of teachers in society, because they are the ones who have the mission of transforming and impacting the lives of young people.

Since education is a central axis in the sustainability strategy of Galp and its Foundation, we embraced this partnership with the Global Teacher Prize from the first moment.

4th Edition (2021)

The 4th edition of the Global Teacher Prize is now open.

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3rd Edition (2020)

In 2020, in the 3rd edition of the Global Teacher Prize, 125 applications were received from teachers from all over the national territory and from all levels of education.

The time has come to recognise the merit of the teachers who reached the final stage of this edition and of all those who are builduing the future with their students and their community, for the good of all.

We are sure that education has the power to move the world. So, it is crucial that we continue to encourage those who teach future generations, with competence and dedication, especially in the present context, full of challenges. As a way of recognising their contribution to a better world, Galp joined its Foundation and offered 100% renewable electricity.

We want to be together, every day, so that energy doesn’t stop.


Trustworthy teachers

Teachers are one of the most trusted professions that the Portuguese value.

According to a study by the Varkey GEMS Foundation, Portugal ranks 14th out of 21 countries in a ranking that evaluates the social status of teachers.

Nevertheless, national teachers achieve better results than their counterparts in countries such as Switzerland, Germany, or Italy.

Teachers are placed among the three professions that the Portuguese trust the most, closely following doctors and firemen. According to a study by GfK on the first edition of the Global Teacher Prize, 91% of respondents stated that teachers were important to their school career and 86% acknowledged the importance teachers had in their lives overall. However, 89% of Portuguese people also admit that it is an exhausting profession and almost 70% of parents discourage their children from pursuing a teaching career. 92% of Portuguese people consider a good teacher to be one who can motivate their students.



We also attribute an honorable mention to the project that is more aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals, with the Foundation's values and axes from the perspective of educational projects.

Maria Inês Rodrigues

Maria Inês Rodrigues was among the 10 finalists of the 2019 Global Teacher Prize Portugal and was the winner of the honorable mention awarded by the Foundation. Teacher at the N°1 School Grouping in Gondomar, bases her classes on learning through problem solving, implementing the products developed by her students in communities in Africa or Portugal, and many have a sustainable nature. Maria Inês is founder of the NGOD Educafrica and explains in a simple way how she applies the knowledge of her classes in the other continent: "when students develop a solution, it is implemented in Africa and training is given to local teachers from Tabancas (villages), an excellent vehicle of information to be able to replicate the solutions. In the end, I return with feedback to make changes or to make the prototype execution, which will allow anyone, anywhere in the world, replicate the concept."