Ocean Talks

The Ocean Talks consist in an exchange of ideas from several experts in the area of environmental and maritime life, whose goal is to deepen the knowledge about the ocean, so we can protect it.

In 2019, the 2nd edition of this event was held at the Museu do Mar, in Cascais, which promoted the discussion on the opportunities of the Portuguese Sea and the creation of value around the topic of the Oceans.

The topics covered are crucial to the sustainability of our seas, such as the protection of biodiversity and the sea’s economy and technology. The panel of speakers included the interventions of Joana Balsemão, from the Municipality of Cascais, Rui Rosa, from the Faculty of Sciences of the University of Lisbon, Patrícia Furtado de Mendonça, responsible for the project Aqua Mater, Nuno Lourenço, from Ceiia, and Wenche Gronbrekk of the UN Sustainable Ocean Business Action Platform.

Ocean Talks 2019

@Museu do Mar

Exhibition | O Mar que nos une

In parallel with the Ocean Talks, and after being displayed at World Press Photo 2019, the exhibition "O Mar Que nos Une" (The sea that brings us together) was also inaugurated, a photographic journey on the seas that unite Portugal, Spain, Brazil, Mozambique and São Tomé and Príncipe.

INNOVATHON | Ocean Edition

INNOVATHON is a technology marathon, conceived by CEiiA and the United Nations Global Compact, around challenges associated with the implementation of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, from which new products and services are developed for the sustainability of the planet.

In 2019, the Innovathon Ocean Edition focused on the sustainability of the oceans and sought to launch challenges that would lead to new ideas and workable solutions from a technical and operational point of view to ensure quality of life, productivity and improved sustainability in the oceans. The marathon begins with a sprint, where mixed teams of college students, a total of 120 young people, explore concepts and ideas, for 24 hours non-stop, with mentoring from experts and the involvement of local communities.

A global initiative developed in a number of countries, challenging the winners and facing each other in the final phase to be held during the next UN conferences about the Oceans, which is scheduled to happen in 2002, in Lisbon, Portugal.

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Ocean Edition