Together we can reach those in need.

Social Emergencies

Essential goods delivered to the Food Emergency Network and families

One of the most urgent needs is the protection of those who have more social and financial needs. Galp and the Galp Foundation came together to donate foodstuffs reaching more than 438 thousand people supported by the Food Emergency Network, an initiative created by the Food Bank. In partnership with Uber Eats, for orders that worth €10 or more in Galp stores, €10 were donated to this initiative. A mobility partnership was also created with this Network, which made possible to support the circulation of goods. Find out how you can contribute!

Moreover, more than 1575 families in Spain and Guinea-Bissau were also supported with the provision of essential goods.

Comunidade Vida e Paz Association

The need to support people in need is increasing at times like this pandemic. The Community Life and Peace is one of the entities that saw the number of people to whom it provided help grow to double. In this way, we support this institution with more than 1,800 food meals, 600 blankets and as a mobility partner for the increasing movements of food deliveries to more than 800 people with economic and social needs every day. 

Energy to the ones who need the most

Because we know that IPSS - Private Institutions of Social Solidarity have a great responsibility towards the communities, especially in times as challenging as the one we are facing, we unite to jointly support a month of electricity and natural gas consumption to more than 200 IPSS. This includes nursing homes, day care centres, kindergartens, among other social centres.

Altogether, more than 105 thousand people benefited from the provision of energy in Portugal, Mozambique and Guinea-Bissau.

Temporary reception pavilions for homeless people

In partnership with the Lisbon City Hall, Galp supported homeless people who use temporary reception pavilions by installing hotspot heaters in Pavilhão do Atlético, in Tapadinha.

Supporting the School Community - Computers for distance learning

Education moves our world. We must continue to encourage our young people, inspired by their teachers, to continue their school career. Therefore, in view of the conditions imposed by the pandemic, Galp and its partners join the Ministry of Education to donate computers to the school community, thus contributing to the fact that less resourceful students continue their teaching activities at a distance. Together with Student Keep, more than 1.290 computers have been delivered.

Delivery of computer equipment to homes in the communities of Matosinhos and Sines

In order to minimise the risks and to mitigate the consequences of social isolation on users in nursing homes, Galp and its Foundation delivered computers and tablets to these groups so that they can keep in touch with their families during the pandemic period.


Initiative "Response to COVID-19" 

Together with the Portuguese Government, the European Union and other companies, Galp contributed to the "Global Response to Covid-19" initiative. Thanks to everyone’s efforts, Portugal has managed to raise 10 million euros, which will be used to meet the challenge we are all facing. y


National Volunteering Campaign

A gesture changes everything

Galp offered television space in a national broadcaster for the Ministry of Labor and Solidarity to launch a campaign to recruit volunteers to care for the elderly - the largest volunteer grant in Portugal. Based on this idea, it was created the campaign "A Gesture Changes Everything", which aims to mobilize Galp employees and the community for the various forms of volunteering, face-to-face or distance, promoting the participation of all. Galp and its Foundation are therefore associated with the largest campaign to raise awareness of volunteers in Portugal.

Galp Voz Amiga

In order to minimize the impact that social isolation can have on the mental health of Galp employees, a helpline was created - Galp Voz Amiga. Through this phone line, Galp pensioners can request support in the form of a conversation, thus contributing to a possible decrease in anxiety and increased emotional stability influenced by this context, or volunteer to help with their time. 

Portugal Entra em Cena

National movement for culture that unites, in a digital platform, brands, companies and public entities, foundations with artists from all over the country in order to foster culture.


Providing support to health care systems

National Health Service and INEM

To support health institutions and professionals on the front line in the fight against the pandemic, we have joined efforts to strengthen the Portugal, Cape Verde, Eswatini, Guinea-Bissau and Mozambique National Health Service, donating a total of 171 ventilators.

In Portugal, due to the need for functional computers to respond to requests for transporting patients, we also offered 15 computers to the Transport Management Unit from the Centro Hospitalar de Lisboa, thus replacing the old computers they had, which hampered the agility of operations.

In parallel, Galp has contributed to the refuelling of vehicles of the National Institute of Medical Emergency (INEM), thus supporting the operations for the transport of infected and non-infected patients and the home collection of samples for analysis.  

Camião da Esperança

Camião da Esperança is a mobile unit that travelled from north to south of Portugal to carry out COVID-19 tests on populations with less access to this prevention measure. The truck was on the road between April and May 2020, fully equipped with a team of health professionals, to test and inform the inhabitants of the interior regions of the country.This action was supported by the Ministry of Health, and in partnership with TVI and Rádio Comercial, led on the ground by the National Association of Public Health Doctors, which ensured all procedures with the ARS of each region, to identify priority focus, official tracking procedures and subsequent procedures. More than 2500 tests were carried out.

Advertising granted to the General Directorate of Health

In order to inform communities and combat disinformation, Galp has contributed more than 2,500 outdoor spaces at national level and the equivalent of more than 340,000 digital advertising impressions in order to disseminate prevention and awareness messages.

We stand with field hospitals and health professionals

The Super Bock Arena, a concert hall in Porto, was transformed into a field hospital to respond to the emergency. Galp offered all electricity that powered this space that had the capacity to receive 300 patients infected with COVID-19.

Galp also joined the Portuguese Hospitality Association that aims to offer more comfort and proper social isolation for professionals who are at the frontline fighting the epidemic. During this period, we offered energy to hotel clients that joined the initiative. A measure that helps health professionals not to put their families at risk.

Also thinking of those who are at the front line, it was created ISTAR against COVID-19, a movement that provides 300 campervans to support overnight stays for health professionals near the units where they fight every day for the lives of the Portuguese. Galp is a partner in this initiative, ensuring the necessary means for vehicles to travel through the various hospitals and fire stations across the country.

Supporting fire brigades

Firefighters' Corporations are determinant on providing support to local communities in responding to the emergency during the pandemic. Thus, Galp is helping the travel costs of the Sines, Santo André, Santiago do Cacém and Leça da Palmeira Fire Brigades.

Delivery of 31,000 personal protection equipment units to the community

One of the main needs and protection mechanisms to prevent the contagion of COVID-19 is the use of protective material
such as masks, gloves and visors. Galp and its Foundation have delivered more than 31,000 units of this material to civil
protection and fire brigades, as well as to Portuguese private welfare entities (IPSS) and Galp customers.

Other Galp World initiatives

The rest of the Galp world has also been mobilised to support a set of crucial initiatives in multiple fields. Learn more and join us.


Sonangalp is collaborating with the Ministry of Energy and Water, EPAL and Multiparques to take free drinking water to the populations of Luanda, which has 11 million inhabitants, and whose access to this essential good is vital to prevent contagion of COVID-19.


Together with other entities, Petrogal Brasil participates in the FioCruz Program, an emergency fund that supports actions to respond to the pandemic such as the construction of a Hospital Center, the production and optimization of tests and the expansion of the sample testing capacity. 

Cape Verde

In Cape Verde, Galp and Enacol contributed to the strengthening of the healthcare facilities at the Batista de Sousa Reference Hospital, located in Mindelo, with the provision of a vital signs monitor and a ventilator. Energy was also offered to health facilities in São Vicente, to the National Police, on the island of Boavista, and to institutions supporting local communities.


Galp Eswatini distributed antiseptic gel to 16 clinics in regions far from major centres, across the country. Each clinic received 25 litters of an important product to prevent the virus from spreading. Resources were also offered to medical and emergency services, as well as the provision of means for health professionals and the population.


In Guinea-Bissau, in addition to an energy offer to the Emergency Emergency Operational Center, a fan and a monitor of vital signs were offered to the health services of the city of Bissau. Community awareness and prevention actions were also promoted, using the network of posts as a means of dissemination and involvement of people, and 3 tons of food were delivered to families in need in four neighborhoods of Bissau, through participation in the largest food procurement campaign in the country: "Food Procurement Campaign - Tadja Fomi" (Avoid hunger)".


In the context of supporting communities in Mozambique, Galp activated its support plan for the Ministry of Health (MISAU) to combat the pandemic at the national level. This plan includes the supply of energy to the 17 Hospital Centres specially installed for the treatment of COVID-19, as well as the delivery of two ventilators and two vital sign monitors to hospitals. The action "Prevent in double" was also launched, which involved offering visors to customers supplying a value equal to or greater than 2000.00 meticais, and at the same time donating a visor to MISAU. This action, in partnership with the João Ferreira dos Santos Group (JFS) and the Ministry of Health (MISAU), offered 60 thousand visors.

In parallel, a set of initiatives to support the health sector and public institutions developed in the provinces of Cabo Delgado and Nampula, in partnership with ONGD HELPO, were promoted. In addition to information and awareness-raising work developed among communities and entities for the prevention and contagion of coronaviruses, personal protective materials, hygiene and disinfection kits were distributed to more 16 reception centres and health facilities, which support more than 70,000 people.

Sao Tome and Principe

Galp São Tomé and Príncipe, in collaboration with the National Petroleum Agency, in the scope of the social projects of Block 12, donated to the Ministry of Health of São Tomé and Príncipe more than 20 tons of hygiene and disinfection materials to strengthen the national plan to combat the pandemic.

Also in partnership with the ONGD HELPO, we supported the community through awareness raising campaigns and distribution of hygiene and personal protection materials.


In Spain, Galp and UberEats joined “A tu Lado” program, an initiative by Save the Children, to deliver food baskets with essential goods to more than 1500 low income families. 

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