Education for women - Girl Move

In Mozambique, the opportunity that a woman has to pursue her studies or to build a career still is extremely limited. Only 31% of girls move from primary to high school. 40% of these young women go through early pregnancies and 48% have premature marriages.

These data are the result of social and cultural pressures and the lack of resources in the contexts in which they operate.

Given this reality, Galp Foundation joins Girl Move on the definition and implementation of the Believe and Lead programmes. These programmes aim to provide access to education and training for young Mozambicans, making them the main agents of change of conscience among their communities, thus aiming to enhance the talent of women in the perspective of economic and social development.

Together Girl MOVE and Galp Foundation will:

  • Impact and transform the lives of girls in vulnerable contexts;
  • Develop a pilot reference project for the University Educational Model in Mozambique, with University of Zambezi;
  • Disseminate a mentoring model, which inspires and recognises the value of female education and which aims to change the rates of early pregnancy and marriage;
  • Combat absenteeism in schools and generate career opportunities.

This project will allow 365 girls, between 12 and 15 years old, to continue their studies and 44 young women, between 18 and 22 years old, to become agents of change in their communities.