Today is a good day to make someone smile.

Over 220 million children worldwide live without care from a mother or a father. SOS Children’s Villages seeks to protect children who lost their families or may be at risk of losing them, helping them build a better future.

On 2019 Christmas, Galp joined this cause that went beyond borders to provide happier moments to SOS Villages in Portugal, Spain, Cape Verde, Mozambique and Guinea-Bissau. This support included not only energy supply but also:

In Portugal, in the participating Tangerina stores, for each bolo-rei or bolo-rainha purchased, Galp offered 1€ worth of energy to SOS Children’s Villages.

In Spain, 5% of Orbit chewing gum sales in Galp stations were allocated to this cause.

In the remaining geographical areas, we also provided support through donations that contribute to the activities and daily lives of these children.

SOS Children Villages

The SOS Children’s Villages in Portugal belong to SOS Kinderdorf International, whose mission is to protect and care for children who are at risk or have lost their parental care. For that purpose, this non-profit association recreates a differentiated family environment that children require, providing all the necessary housing, care and integration conditions.

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How can I help?

We invite the general community to take part and engage with this mission! Please check the websites below to learn more about it: