Festival Tremor

The Deaf Association of the Island of São Miguel and Rabo de Peixe’s Music School played together in a unique opening concert of the 6th edition of the Tremor Festival.

An emotional concert and a singular experience 

The Galp Foundation joins Galp Azores in promoting social inclusion through music. In its 6th edition, the Tremor Festival, happening from 9th to 13th April in São Miguel, in the Azores, was the venue for a unique concert which joined Rabo de Peixe’s Music School and 20 participants from the Deaf Association of São Miguel. A singular experience which can only be provided by the energy of music. 
The artistic project, musical in nature, explores the relationship of the participants with sound and space. Produced by Onda Amarela, and made possible by the support of Galp, it results from the work developed by the Festival with the various communities of São Miguel throughout recent years, as an important contribution for the social and cultural development of the region.

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Tremor: The Festival

Tremor is a cultural and artistic festival which takes São Miguel as a privileged stage for music. It included a diversified programme and entwined concerts, scenery interactions, laboratories, moments dedicated to thinking, art and artistic residences which merge with the local community. 

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